Powerful Tools to Manage & Grow
your Instagram Account

Simplest way to schedule posts

As you may know, Instagram does not allow external apps to post directly to Instagram. With Viraltag, you can schedule an Instagram post, and when it’s time to post, Viraltag will send a notification to your phone with your Instagram photo & caption - then, all you have to do is swipe to post on Instagram.

Collaborate with your team with
visual marketing calendar

With Viraltag’s visual marketing calendar, you can plan ahead and collaborate with your entire team on your upcoming Instagram campaigns.

Upload multiple images at once

Effortlessly upload and schedule multiple images at once - plan for an entire week or a month in just few minutes. Viraltag also connects directly to your Google Drive & Dropbox accounts to pull content in bulk.

Track Hashtags & Repost

Track hashtags on Instagram & find content already being shared related to your brand. You can repost this user content (UGC) to build a feed of visuals that represent your brand.

Create the perfect image

Instagram is unique to the other social networks. Make sure everything you’re sharing there is designed to perform best. With built in editing features and an integration with the user friendly design software Canva, you can create beautiful images in minutes.

Useful insights, not just metrics

Track likes, comments, traffic and revenue from your Instagram posts. Viraltag insights will tell you the best times to post, top hashtags to use to further optimize your engagement. With our advanced visual analytics, you will get additional insights into best filters, colors, backgrounds to use - personalized to your brand.